Your Future Sound.

Aural Boutique is an award winning creative studio specializing in custom music, tailored sound design & audio branding. We thoughtfully craft listening experiences for films, games, products, advertising & artists. Let's create a powerful signature experience that captures the heart of your audience.

Client Testimonials
Client testimonials. 300+ clients from 22 countries.
Anthem campaign for the NHL team, Arizona Coyotes Music Composition, Sound Design, Foley & Mixing
Agnes Scott
Music Composition & Sound Design for the Agnes Scott Anthem
Clash of Clans Supercell
Sound Design for Clash of Clans
Rally the Valley - Arizona Coyotes
Anthem campaign for the NHL team, Arizona Coyotes
Musical compositions from various projects.
Game Audio
Custom music, tailored sound design & sonic branding for games.
GoPro - A Skier's Search for Meaning
Game Audio | Sound Design
Motivational Music
Asia, a lapse in time.
Director: Dylan Ozanich Film: Asia, a lapse in time. Tailored musical composition and sound design for a compilation of the timelapses took throughout South East Asia.
BumpOut : Product Design
Product Sound Design for BumpOut, backed by Mark Cuban & Ben Franklin Technology. Powerful Sound. Unrivaled Versatility.
Interaction Sound Design & Sonic Branding
Original creative tones for applications. Hit #1 in the App Store's social networking section and has more then 15 million active users. Won the Techcrunch Startup Battlefield Audience Choice award.
Music Composer & Sound Designer On Several Franchises since 2016.
A virtual reality medical application for recovering drug & alcohol addiction. Music & Sound for the Virtual World.
Armored Info
The Sonic Logo designed for Armored Info in a 4 part video breakdown.
Chairseven Brand Video
Animation Advertising Campaign - Sound Design
An interview with the founder of Aural Boutique, Kameron Rogers.
Finding Main Street - Film
Agency: Sole Creative Film: Finding Main Street Three young men setting out on the open road in search of understanding the movement we're a part of.
Cape Sound & Music
Immersive sound design and sonic branding. Fly a real drone, in a real place, from your computer right now.