“Kameron's skills have added a dimension to our product that far exceeds what we could have hoped for. His talent and creativity are outstanding. He gave us a range of options and helped us hone in the exact sound scheme for our project. Then, he continued to develop the design with us, round after round. He was always willing to tweak the deliverables and work with our feedback promptly and accurately. The end result is a creative, well-tuned audio design that permeates our product. I can't imagine doing another project like this without Kameron and crew in charge of the sound design and music. A truly gifted artist and an effortless business engagement. Thanks Kameron and crew!”
“Kameron was an absolute pleasure to work with on our game project. At every step of the project he provided timely and outstanding work, and was very eager to solicit our feedback and incorporate suggestions. He provided more output than we ever thought we could get, providing a huge wealth of innovative sounds we never considered that are adding greatly to the experience. Highly recommended.”
"Kameron is especially communicative and prompt. He was always happy to make adjustments to the work and was highly attuned to the type of sound we were looking for, based simply on a handful of unassociated references. The quantity of work we are able to choose from is above and beyond what we asked for, which has given us the ability to have more variety in our project than we expected.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for sound design."
“Kameron is very professional and communicative. He delivers very high quality of music and audio and provides very timely response. He obviously knows what he is doing and is willing to work closely with his client and makes sure requirements are met. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for a professional sound designer / music composer. Thank you for the excellent work!”
"Kameron brought a level of experience and creativity that only comes with industry professionals. He made sound design and sweetening seem easy and produced a high-quality product. He has a great workflow, cares about the details, and is a really nice guy. We've received tons of compliments on the mix he did for us. Highly recommend!"
"Kameron is by far one of the best Sound guys I have ever worked with. He get's the job done in a timely manor and his work is outstanding. Our company went from working with three sound professionals to just one! That is how amazing Kameron's work is! Each time we send him a new project/game to add sounds to he amazes us! Great work, easy to work with and THE best hire for your sounds!"
"Kameron did a fantastic job on this project despite a tight deadline. He delivered high quality work ahead of schedule, and his strong communication skills and professionalism made him an absolute pleasure to work with. I will definitely work with Kameron again!"
"Kameron is a true professional. We went through a few different versions of the music he produced. He was exceptionally open to feedback and incorporated it into his next work to create exactly what I was looking for. I WILL definitely use him again in the future. Excellent music, support, and communication."

"Kameron is outstanding! This is the second time I have used him and I could not be any happier! Thank you for a wonderful experience and great communication. I will definitely be using him again in the future! Thank you Kameron!"
“Great person to work with. Kameron was highly available, very responsive. He worked on multiple revisions making sure we got exactly what we wanted and was an all around pleasure to work with. Hope we can connect again in the future.”
"Fabulous. Pro. Over delivered. I gave Kameron direction, which he followed. Was open to additional feedback. Then he over delivered. Will hire again."
"Kameron is not only a talented artist but he is a talented artist with something to say. And it comes through in his work. If you're reading this, you've probably seen his resume, and it's ridiculous. The man is at the top of his field. I highly recommend hiring him. He'll help make it more than you imagined it could be. Do yourselves a favor, hire the best." - Shan Huey

"Kameron is extremely receptive to feedback and collaborative in his approach to work. His skills result in a quality to the sound that has high fidelity to the sound an artist is attempting to achieve. His ability to mix and master vocals is impressive. He also takes initiative to improve upon the works and recommends changes that improves the results. Kameron is quality with the ability to make a song breathe, have space and time to savor sounds and punch them up even when the recording quality is less than pristine. Finally, he is on time which is critical when you are managing distributors and labels schedules. I plan on working with him again." - Warick Pond

"I had the best experience working with Kameron. What a genius! He intuitively knows the kind of sound you want and is very easy going to work with. Would definitely hire again!" - Natalie Sullaway @ Raleigh Popp

"Kameron is amazing! It was exactly what I needed to finish this project. He met my deadlines and was a great communicator. Highly recommend his services and would rehire him in a heartbeat. Thanks Kameron!" - Daniel LaGrua, an Emmy Award winning television and media producer.

"Kameron finished this job in half the time. He did a great job of taking my description and making the sounds I needed. His communication was impeccable and he is ultra professional. It was a pleasure and relief to work with someone that worked as efficiently as him." - Matt Thomas @ West View

"Kameron was able to create excellent audio and music for my games in an incredibly short amount of time and within a very affordable budget. He was very eager to iterate and rework his creations to ensure that I was happy with the outcome of each. Incredibly easy to work with and will definitely work with him again in future. Highly recommended." - Bed Sheet Apps

"Artful, polite, interpretive, and exacting. It has been an absolute pleasure to secure this talented ear. Thank you, Kameron!" - Eleanor Watson, QCorp - AI sound design & sonic branding

"Kameron Rogers was amazing to work with, and I'd use him again in a heartbeat. The sounds and music he delivered were top notch, and he exceeded our expectations in every way possible. He clearly understands every aspect of game audio!" - Skillz & Tether Games, $250 million in lifetime revenue, 30 million downloads, & a $1 billion valuation.

"He's an amazing audio designer who provided quality work on time! One of the best things about him was that he gave options for each request which expedited the feedback process. All around great guy, excellent to work with!" - Scholastic, $1.6 billion in revenue. World's largest publisher and distributor of children's books and a leader in educational technology and children's media.

"Kameron was great! He delivered exactly what I was looking for and very quickly! He understood my needs and exceeded them. I most definitely recommend him if you are looking for a professional and pleasant experience." - Elizabeth Brosseau

"Kameron was very accommodating and easy to work with. He worked with us through multiple edits to achieve what we needed and also created multiple options for us to choose from, which we really appreciated. He's great at incorporating feedback and was quick to produce our track, despite a rushed timeline." - Arfa Rehman @ Virtue Health

“Kameron is a genius in music, it is amazing! He finished the job efficiently and successfully. I love the song, thank you so much!” - Serena Defino

“Kameron was a pleasure to work with. He's incredibly talented and turnaround was super fast. He created some amazing sounds for our us. It has been an incredibly fun and pleasant experience working with him. And the sounds really are perfect! We look forward to working with him again.” - Stringr

“Kameron went way beyond the project requirements. He expressed genuine interest and made critical suggestions for improving the project. He took a mishmash of recordings and turned them into a work of art I will treasure forever!” - Lisa Cohn, writer and author, Bash & Lucy

"Phenomenal job! I was looking for a unique, one of a kind music and only gave Kameron a few songs that I really liked. Kameron jumped in headfirst and exceeded my expectations! Very professional, on time, on budget and no issues at all with questions, comments or revisions that I asked for. Thanks again!" - John Rickgarn @ Wealth and Freedom Nexus

"Kameron delivered very good music and sound effects for a game, he did the work in a timely manner and was very responsive to the small changes I requested. He also provided some additional stuff that I found useful. Definitely will hire again when the occasion arises." - eBlaster Software

"Really excellent work! Kameron delivered a sonic brand that exceeded my expectations. The work was high quality and incorporated some goofy aspects of our brand in a subtle and attractive manner. To top it all off, he sent more options - all truly unique - than I really could have asked for at this price. Highly recommended." - Copper Jungle

"Kameron composed approximately 12 minutes of music for my unique audio/video book project. He was creative, receptive to subtle nuances and completely professional in dealing with my project. I endorse his work wholeheartedly." - Sly Snake

"Kameron is a total pro. The work was excellent and everything was delivered on or ahead of schedule. I absolutely recommend him and look forward to working with Kameron again." - Lions Club International, has over 46,000 clubs and more than 1.4 million members in more than 200 countries and geographic areas around the world.

"Great working with Kameron, always on time and within budget. Kameron is a very creative person who will work over and above to achieve the best results possible. Highly recommended!" - Dr.Vegas (Completed +20 games together)

"Kameron did a wonderful job bringing my story to life. It's so fun to watch now! He added so much texture to what was formerly a pretty flat story. I appreciate Kameron's work and patience." - Rebecca Lord

"Friendly, talented and communicative at reasonable prices! Had a great time working with him, and highly recommend him if you need some music made." - Ray Ibrahim @ Zenith Technology

“Kameron took the provided music and my loose instructions and turned it into musical magic on a very tight deadline. Thank you, Kameron.” - Jeff Bryant @ Independence

“Kameron Rogers was very energetic about working on my project. He gave me more than I asked for and the quality was perfect.” - Bryan Butvidas @ Gediminas Games

“Great contractor, went the extra mile to help get project done correctly. Will use him again for future audio editing.” - Ava Durga @ Teri Temple

“Extremely professional and a pleasure to work with! Thank you, you are the best I will contact you soon. I highly recommend Kameron Rogers!!” - Inbar Shahar #1 Amazon Best Selling Author

“Kameron was great to work with: fast, reliable and exceeded my expectations – definitely a recommendation!” - Robert Pauly @ Kontakt Germany

“Kameron did an excellent job on my sound project! Will recommend and use his talents again in the future. A++” - Director Eric Mendoza

“Music production is easier than its ever been, and too often the convenience of downloading a program, pumping out a few beats and following the “popular” mass sound dilutes what could be a plethora of new ideas, melodies and knowledge. Fortunately, not everybody is falling victim to the cookie cutter bandwagon. Case and point: San Francisco's Kameron Rogers, regardless of your listening space he has the power to transport you far far away, be it within our galaxy or another. The sound structure and overabundance of instrumentation are unlike anything we’ve experienced in quite some time.”
- The Get Down UK

“Utilizing sounds that range from electric guitar to piano and beyond, Kameron paints a picture with every track he releases. Exploring new worlds and solidifying the fact that tracks can become “masterpieces” without turning the inside of a venue into a pigpen, the sounds of Kameron will invoke a deeper connection to music than most can transmit in a few minute time frame.”
- The Dankles

“Knick Knacks and Nebulas”, the new Album by Kameron is cinematically highlighted. This is clearly music that evokes imagery. With a good foundation in the folkloric, however the tracks of “Knick Knacks and Nebulas” are not from a defined source. It takes instrumental performance from around the world, without having to handle a particular language. That suggestion is deformed by different digital transformations routed to the more abstract IDM, and ambient touches indietrónicos.”
- Cassette Mexico
Email: auralboutiqueaudio@gmail.com
Phone: (949) 310-0686

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