Sure, I could begin my about page by boasting that I created a globally acclaimed music and sound design production company, having worked with over 300 clients from 22 countries. I might say that I'm an invited member on both the Microsoft Talent Cloud Design & Creative team and the private Netflix Talent Cloud, worked with multiple Emmy Award Winning Producers, created the sonic branding for the European Union, produced custom work for Coca-Cola & hired for expert audio forensic analysis for the Italian Court of Law.
I might have wanted to include that I've made the iconic music & sounds for +100 brands & products, +100 games & applications amounting to 790million+ downloads. I could even reveal that I solidified my place in audio legacy by being crowned 5-Star ★ Top Rated, 100% Success Score & Top 1% Expert-Vetted by the world’s largest talent agency, ranking above 10,000 other audio & music professionals for my high-quality work, reputation & excellent client testimonials.
Thinking about it, maybe I'd add that my musical projects have gained critical acclaim reaching over 135 countries and hitting #1 on SoundCloud. That I've been on 5 record labels & have been featured in 13 diverse compilations, with releases on Spotify, iTunes & Beatport.

Having lived all over the world & traveled to 40+ countries, developing musical styles, collecting instruments, working with clients, field recording unique sounds to create a world class SFX library, I learned what is universal and unique & what is essential to human nature across the world. This has given me a distinct & original perspective that has influenced my music & sound on a global scale.
After working at 2 world class recording studios that have worked with the likes of Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne to the movie franchises Fast & Furious & Toy Story, I ventured out to start Aural Boutique.
With the vision to create your own powerful signature experience that captures the hearts of your audience.
Let's make magic happen.
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